About Us

As a family, we have all grown up in the Okanagan community and have cherished every moment. We find great joy in the opportunity to give back to the community that has shown nothing but compassion and care as we made memories and put down roots all throughout Kelowna. It’s that same compassion and care in which we are happy to return into our community.

Together, as a family, we created It’s All About You, a full licensed company that provides Quality Life Services to people with developmental disabilities, seniors, and anyone that requires our fully personalized care.

We take care in hiring well trained and experienced staff to ensure you that each support worker will provide considerate, knowledgeable and effective support that encourages growth toward personal goals and autonomy.

All of our support workers provide close personal attention to every individual they support in order to create a personalized in-depth care plan that will pave the way to happier and more successful life. Each support workers training certificates are kept up to date to  ensure the safety of our community.

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Mission Statement

“ It’s All About You Quality Of Life Services is dedicated to promoting empowerment and respect, by providing quality care efficiently and effectively for the families and individuals that we support.”

IAAY Values
“We believe that the only way a caring community can reach its
full potential is when all individuals have been given the right to
evoke their civil liberties: Autonomy, freedom of speech,
dignity, equality and a meaningful life. (Page 10-22)

These rights can be enhanced and protected by ensuring that
individuals have a strong and dedicated support system in place
created by family, loved ones and professional IAAY support workers.

Our Promises To You

We’ll treat your expectations like our own!

Our support workers have excelled in their training and in the field.

We guarantee that each valued team member shares our desire to build a
strong and caring community that values respect, trust and integrity.

We work one-on-one with those we support in order to identify their
specific needs and preferences so we can choose the right support worker
and ensure the start of a strong and trusting relationship.

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