Code Of Ethics

The Code of Ethics reflects our commitment to the Mission, core values and moral principles of the agency.  The Code is intended to promote the highest standards of service delivery, business conduct and ethics expected of those who owe a responsibility to It’s All About You Quality of Life Services and to our stakeholders and to define the responsibilities and standards expected of ethical decision making.

The following standards adhere to the Code of Ethics of the agency.

It is our expectation that employees will adhere to this Code of Ethics.  Any employee of It’s All About You Quality of Life Services who is violation of the Code of Ethics will be subject to progressive discipline up to and including dismissal.

Responsibility as a Business, Corporate Citizen and in Financial Practice

  • To work towards stakeholder satisfaction.
  • To participate in the community as a responsible corporate citizen.
  • To be respectful corporate citizens in the community.
  •  Employees will participate in activities within the community for the betterment of the community.
  • To provide a safe and healthy worksite for employees and clients.
  • To foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect with other businesses and community partners for the betterment of the sector.
  • To maintain a commitment to high standards of service, continuous quality improvement and the best use of fiscal resources.
  • To purchase supplies from reputable suppliers who will treat It’s All About You Quality of Life Services, our clients and employees with respect.  It’s All About You Quality of Life Services will also be mindful of its commitment to supporting businesses that hire people with disabilities.  No employee may profit personally from a relationship with a supplier.
  • To avoid unfair business practices such a fee-splitting, kickbacks for referrals, business conflicts of interest and self dealing.
  • To foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect with other service agencies, ministries, educational programs, volunteer organizations and others involved in community living and social services.
  • To deal with others, both in and outside of It’s All About You Quality of Life Services based on honesty, integrity, open communication, social responsibility.
  • To behave in full and complete compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • To handle all financial practices in accordance with applicable federal, provincial and local legislation.
  • To conduct financial matters within the standards of commonly accepted and sound financial management practices.
  • To report financial results that will fairly present It’s All About You Quality of Life Services financial position and operating results in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • To ensure agency property owned by stakeholders is not used to obtain personal benefit.  This Code prohibits waste, theft, fraud, abuse, embezzlement or misappropriation and other wrongdoing of property belonging to the agency, stakeholders, team members or any associate or supplier.  The protection of these assets extends to the agency’s intellectual property including but not limited to our website, social media accounts and  email.

Responsibility in Marketing Practices

  • To reflect accurately the standards and directives of the agency in public statements and to avoid any possible misrepresentation of personal opinion as agency/policy/position.
  • To clearly define the services that the agency has the mandate and capacity to deliver.
  • To maintain the overall goal of building communities that best meets the needs of clients with a cooperative approach to promoting services.
  • To ensure other services are not denigrated as part of our own marketing.
  • To promote a positive, respectful image of clients.

Responsibility in Contractual Relationships

  • To sign onto only those contractual relationships in which we can deliver quality services and will refrain from entering into contractual relationships with organizations or entities that do not adhere to the same ethical standards as we do.
  • To uphold agreements in good faith.
  • To ensure our contracts and agreements remain in good standing with funders and regulatory bodies by ensuring accountability and best practice on deliverables.

Responsibility in Conflicts of Interest

  • To avoid any conflict of interest situations.  For the purpose of this Code, conflicts of interest include but are not limited to, outside employment, gifts, selling or purchasing of goods and services, exchange of monies, gifts or gratuities or personal fundraising.

Responsibility in the use of Social Media

  • To use social media as a responsible corporate citizen during the execution of any business practice or activity.
  • To exercise good judgment when posting and be aware that inappropriate conduct can negatively affect It’s All About You Quality of Life Services, stakeholders and yourself.
  • To show consideration of other people’s privacy.
  • To be polite and respectful of other people’s opinions.
  • To never post malicious, misleading, obscene, defamatory, threatening, discriminatory or unfair content about It’s All About You Quality of Life Services, colleagues or stakeholders.
  • To not post confidential information.
  • To not post on behalf of It’s All About You Quality of Life Services or use logos without prior consent from the CEO or designate.

Responsibility in Service Delivery to Persons Served/Clients

  • To maintain the best interests of clients as the primary professional obligation and advocate for those interests as circumstances require.
  • To foster self-determination and to encourage the individuality and self advocacy of each person, accepting each person as unique and valuable.
  • To maintain confidentiality.
  • To respect each person’s privacy.
  • To respect each person’s personal property.
  • To seek the input of clients; the input should always be acknowledged in a respectful manner.
  • To be non-judgmental and supportive.  No person shall be subject o discrimination based on disability, gender identity or expression, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, marital status, socio economic status or political affiliation.  Services will center on individual needs and encompass the social, physical, spiritual and psychological aspects of each client.
  • To encourage and support connections to the person’s cultural heritage as desired.
  • To support their choice to either participate or not participate in religious  instruction or activities.
  • To protect clients from abuse and neglect and avoid participation in practices which are disrespectful, degrading, intimidating, psychologically damaging or physically harmful.
  • To respect the rights of  the people we serve and not impose personal values, morals or a particular religious belief.
  • To practice informed consent with clients so that they are aware of their rights, service delivery, confidentiality, access to records and access to advocacy.
  • To disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
  • To discuss with the direct supervisor or designate any witnessing of documents by clients or others, prior to signing it
  • To provide assistance to ensure persons have access to services and supports and to work cooperatively with other community partners to ensure collaborative service delivery.

Responsibility to the Profession

  • To ensure the knowledge and skills of professional staff are used to the greatest advantage in service delivery.
  • To ensure that neither standards nor practices of It’s All About You Quality of Life Services nor the job description and performance expectations of the agency conflict with the professions regulatory and ethical requirements.
  • To provide ongoing collaborative performance improvement and ensure that identified outcomes are being met.

As an Employee

  • To maintain high personal standards of professional conduct, avoiding any acts that may bring the agency or service into disrepute or which may diminish the trust and confidence of any stakeholders.
  • To conduct themselves in a professional manner by being courteous, friendly and cooperative.  Employees will show respect and empathy to clients, family members, friends and community members.
  • To set and maintain boundaries in the completion of all job related responsibilities.  Consistent professional boundaries promote trust, effective communication, good health and wellness, safety and a sense of security for ones self and others.
  • To maintain appropriate boundaries between personal and professional relationships.
  • To refuse any gift, favor or compensation which may be influential  in obtaining preferential treatment.
  • To ensure employees’ work time is a resource to service delivery and not diverted to personal pursuits.
  • To respect the possessions and property of clients, colleagues, visitors and friends/family members and the agency.
  • To carry out professional duties and obligations with integrity and objectivity and to recognize how personal values, opinions, experiences, limitations and biases can affect personal judgment.
  • To avoid inflicting personal religious convictions or personal biases based on culture to others.
  • To be aware of unconscious biases.
  • To acknowledge limitations in knowledge and competence.
  • To not use drugs or alcohol prior to or during work.  Possessing , dispensing or using a controlled substance at work without a medical prescription is strictly prohibited.
  • To maintain standards of safety using appropriate equipment, clothing and procedures.

As a Team Member

  • To establish and maintain relationships of mutual respect, trust and cooperation.
  • To foster a culture of Best Practice.
  • To act as a team member, supporting each other by maintaining standards and by offering and receiving support, especially during emergency situations
  • To use clear and open communication with clients,  other  team members and It’s All About You Quality of Life Services leadership.
  • To not engage in workplace violence, including but not limited to sexual and personal harassment, bullying and intimidation towards any client, co-workers, leadership or stakeholders.
  • To offer both positive and constructive feedback.
  • To not practice insubordination with leadership.

Responsibility in Organizational Fundraising

  • As a private company It’s All About You Quality of Life Services does not engage in organizations fundraising.

Responsibility to It’s All About You Quality of Life Services

  • To work towards achieving the Mission and Values of  It’s All About You Quality of Life Services .
  • To assist It’s All About You Quality of Life Services in providing the highest quality of service, taking into account of changing personal. Interpersonal and social circumstances.
  • To be knowledgeable of and abide by It’s All About You Quality of Life Services standards and policies and procedures.
  • To maintain confidentiality concerning information obtained while providing services and make disclosures only with the consent of the clients, the CEO or designate or where required by a court order.
  • To respect the privacy of all team members and It’s All About You Quality of Life Services and hold in confidence information obtained in the course of employment or contract.
  • To represent It’s All About You Quality of Life Services’s public image in a positive and professional manner. Team members must maintain a neat appearance and demonstrate friendly, respectful and cooperative interactions.
  • To avoid situations which are or appear to be at non-arms length; no person shall be seen as benefitting or seeking to gain special consideration or favor from It’s All About You Quality of Life Services.  Employees must be honest and impartial.
  • To keep their role as private citizens separate and distinct from their responsibilities as It’s All About You Quality of Life Services employees and not position themselves in a conflict of interest situation.  Any personal fundraising must be approved by the CEO or designate and will only be considered where there is no threat or ill repute to stakeholders.
  • To generally avoid participating in public debates (ie: Public Meeting, Media, Social networking sites) or advocacy regarding It’s All About You Quality of Life Services’s standards, except as required in the course of their duties.
  • To be careful and cautious when making public comments where their position could be seen to lend weight to the opinion expressed.
  • To be aware only the CEO or designate is authorized to coordinate and conduct media coverage.  Prior to media photographs or interviews, consent must be obtained from the CEO or designate, and the clients and/or their legal representative.
  • To immediately report any potentially sensitive issues or risk to the public image of It’s All About You Quality of Life Services to their supervisor or designate, in order that a thoughtful response may be developed in consultation with the CEO or designate.
  • To direct any request for information from the public to the direct supervisor or designate.
  • To not seek legal advise on behalf of of It’s All About You Quality of Life Services without prior approval from the CEO or designate.
  • To not sign an affidavit relating to facts that have come to their knowledge in the course of their duties for It’s All About You Quality of Life Services in any court proceedings unless approved by the CEO or designate.  A written opinion prepared on behalf of It’s All About You Quality of Life Services by legal counsel is considered confidential agency business and is not to be released without prior approval.
  • Any witnessing of documents including legal documents on behalf of It’s All About You Quality of Life Services business must be cleared and given prior approval by the CEO or designate.

Compliance and Reporting of Allegations/Contraventions of the Code

  • Each individual must conduct themselves in such a manner as to retain the confidence of It’s All About You Quality of Life Services, clients, stakeholders and the public.  Individual conduct should instill confidence and trust in the eyes of the general public That It’s All About You Quality of Life Services is at all times fulfilling its obligations to the clients.
  • The conduct must not bring It’s All About You Quality of Life Services into dispute.  Accordingly, individuals must avoid situations that violate the Code, or result in a perception that a violation has occurred.  If an individual finds themselves in such a situation they must disclose the matter to their supervisor or designate and remedy it.
  • To ensure compliance with the Code, the process for an individual to bring forward a concern is to discuss it with their supervisor or It’s All About You Quality of Life Services designate as soon as practical, where appropriate.  When there is reason to believe that there exists an alleged contravention of the Code, the law, a waste of It’s All About You Quality of Life Services funds or assets, fraud, abuse or other wrongdoing which is prohibited, such as a danger to another person’s health and safety, the matter shall be brought to the attention of the supervisor or designate, CEO or alternative.  When this is not possible or appropriate, or if there has not been a satisfactory

resolution or investigation, the issue should be brought forward through the        Complaints Resolution Procedure               

  • Any criminal act will be reported to the police.  The appropriate regulatory body will investigate any contravention of a professional code or contract held by It’s All About You Quality of Life Services.  Any misuse of public funds will be investigated internally by the CEO or designate who in turn will report their findings to the funding body for their information or for further investigation . If there is a significant  abuse of Public funds.  CARF will be notified of any major incident involving a violation of Accreditation Standards.
  • Employees of It’s All About You Quality of Life Services who are found to be in violation of The Code of Ethics will be subject to progressive discipline up to and including dismissal.  Contractors found in contravention may have agreements terminated.
  • All employees, contractors, clients, family members or advocates who in good faith, report any allegations of the Code misconduct or a concern regarding a breach of ethics will be free of reprisals for their actions