Transitioning Youth to Adult Life

Transition and the Planning Process

The transition from childhood to adult life can be difficult for anyone, especially with those who have special needs. We’re here to help slow down today’s fast pace world so you can make informed and responsible decisions that will make the transition process simple and stress free. Your personal support worker will help create a plan of action that will help guide you through all the steps required in achieving personal autonomy. We’ll make sure you are more than comfortable with the transition process long before the big day arrives.

Each transition plan will include vital information that is personalized to suit your needs and goals. We’ll also make sure that there are multiple options that can help you develop support systems within your community. Community support systems are great ways to make friends, become more involved in the community, boost morale and provide a feeling of security and self-worth.

Your support worker will discuss the different opportunities and support services available to you and your families in order to choose the best fit. We also collaborate with government organizations and ministries that help support youth transitioning to adulthood so we can provide the most in-depth and comprehensive care possible.

We’re here to help with any challenges you may encounter and try to provide as many character building and learning opportunities as possible. Some common hurtles youths in transition may encounter include: consolidating their identity, expressing their sexuality, establishing social networks and relationships, achieving educational and employment goals, earning financial independence, locating necessary living arrangements or managing legal issues.

Upon creating your personalized transition plan, you and your family, will feel confident and excited about the upcoming transition. IAAY is here to support you before, during and after your transition.

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