Home Sharing

As a home share contracted caregiver you will provide a safe, healthy, supportive service to assist persons with diverse abilities to live independently in your home in a way that reflects their lifestyle choices.

Sharing your home will allow individuals to grow and gain greater independence. This service may be offered in private homes owned or rented.

In most situations, Home Sharing involves very close relationships. The individuals within the home share not only share their physical space, but also their lives. Members of the home may spend a lot of time together and are actively involved in one another’s daily activities. In other situations, the home share arrangement is characterized by more independent relationships. Members of the home generally go their own ways and come together at specific times for specific purposes.

Services help the individuals develop skills and knowledge in communications, relationships, self help, health and wellness, hygiene, recreation, life skills and community involvement.

Funding for this service is provided by CLBC.

For more information about becoming a Home Share Provider please contact Chad or Meg at iaayqols@gmail.com or 250-860-0220.

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